A superhero takes a lesson in leadership from a supervillian

In case you're a DC Comics fan I'll refer you to The Flash (Netflix edition) Season 1, episode 4. With the Flash lying on the floor, seemingly defeated, Captain Cold, pointing his gun at him tells him: "Thank you". "For what?" Captain Cold's reply: "You've forced me to up my game. Not only with this [...]

Drop shipping- The ecommerce solution that will make your retail business go global

Have you ever told anyone that you're thinking of starting a business in Malta? And did you meet with that expression of incredulity, mixed with admiration: "really"? Let's try and understand this a bit better. Living on an island is a disadvantage for most traditional product-based markets. We're not only small. We're also insulated. But [...]

First it was home sharing, then bike sharing. Perhaps garage sharing could be next…

Hailed as the Airbnb of parking, Justpark provided the UK with an effective solution to the parking problem. In 2006 Anthony Eskinazi founded a service through which people can rent out parking spaces on-demand. Initially called the service brings together owners of parking spaces with average drivers who simply want convenient parking. Whether it's [...]